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Doc Savage Ring of Fire #2

by Jason Laframboise on April 28, 2017

Written by: David Avallone
Art by: Dave Acosta
Published by: Dynamite Entertainment

I loved the issue. I think I liked it more then the first issue. I really dig the whole Pulp novel pacing of the whole story so far. In the pulps the beat is constant action, followed by cool story or character moments, then more action and then at the end of the chapter a dramatic cliff hanger that makes you want to turn to the next page to get to the next chapter as quickly as you can.....but this is a comic book so the next chapter is in the next issue, so you and I will have to wait for another month to find out what happens next. Sadly.

This book was a pitch perfect take on Doc Savage, and is light years better than the DC comics version from a couple of years ago. This is Doc done right for once and that leads to one happy fan. Now here's the one thing that I do have to take a step back and say: this story kind of just puts the characters in place and sort of expects you to know who's whom and what their significance is to the greater Doc Savage universe. This is fine for someone who's familiar with the characters and knows the long established tropes of the books, Ham and Monk fighting, Doc being on call from FDR and the super surprise villain, but if I were a new reader I might be a little lost so that might be a bit of a drawback for some people. However it isn't for me so I loved it! If it's your first go with the character I hope you enjoy it, but do yourself a favour and look up some info on the pulps because you will like it on a whole other level if you do. Plus the pulps are awesome so go buy some. 

The art is quite well done, and I really enjoyed it. There are pages without dialogue so the art is at the forefront a lot. The action is just so cool in this, I really loved pretty much every page. I do need to make special mention once again for the faux- Bantam paperback style cover we got for this issue once again. It's brilliant and I want a copy of it on my wall yesterday! 

Once again a very fun enjoyable issue that presented the characters in the right way. I am leaving it a happy satisfied, hungry for next issue customer. Do yourself a favour and buy this issue! 

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