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Ninjak #26

by Jason Laframboise on April 21, 2017

Written by MATT KINDT
Published by Valiant Comics

Ninjak is back for the finale of the Seven Blades of Master Darque. So we get another great opening, with Master Darque now in possession of 5 of the Shadow Seven, with only Roku and Ninjak being free. Perhaps this is by design, with the ultimate puppet master being Master Darque himself. We get some great action in the book, and a lot of great mood setting. The issue also wraps up some long running story points, while providing a launching pad for other things that can be explored in the future.

The writing is solid of course. Matt Kindt always delivers a strong book. My only complaint is that it feels the story finished quickly out of nowhere. The rest of the Shadow Seven barely did anything. Master Darques plan seemed to not need them at all, so I am not sure why he would have included the rest of them in this mission. Honestly though I don't really care about that, it didn't hurt the book and having these characters be brought back every now and again is nice even if it's just for a quick reminder that they exist. The real negative here is that Matt Kindt's time on the Ninjak series proper seems to be coming to an end soon. Although he will be writing the character in the up coming Rapture series the regular series will be restarting later this year. This has been a great long term story that has made me a fan of a character that was pretty lame in the 90's and it's made me a huge fan of Matt Kindt's work. 

The art is really good once again. While I love Matt Kindt's way with words, the art chores handled in this issue by Stephen Segovia, really shoulder a lot of the story telling. We get lots of great action with awesome fight scenes. The art was a definite highlight this month, in a book that was pretty much all highlights. 

I feel like I'm repeating myself every month with this book. It is brilliantly written. It has great art. This is a book that you should be reading, and it's shameful that so many great books like this one escape the mainstream attention they deserve just because it doesn't have Batman, Deadpool or Wolverine in it. Do yourself a favour pick up the trades, buy the single issues, anything just read this book. I am not bitter that it's selling in the low numbers, even if it sounds like it. I am frustrated for the people that missing out on this great book. I feel bad for you if you are missing this book. A ringing endorsement from this reviewer

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