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by Jason Laframboise on March 30, 2017

Written by MATT KINDT
Published by Valiant Comics

I loved this book! Ninjak and the other members of the Shadow Seven have been given a mission from Sandria Darque, the sister of the infamous Master Darque. Their mission? To finally end Darque's life and free his sister and the world from his evil influence. Behind the scenes it appears that one member of the Shadow Seven seems to have an ulterior motive and is possibly working against their teammates to help free Master Darque. Will Ninjak be able to cut down Darque and finally end the villain or will the double agent get to Darque first? Questions that will not be answered this month, but I can feel the excitement building.

The art was a huge selling point in this issue. The opening scene was something out of a horror movie as we slowly see two unwitting victims getting closer and closer to the tree that contains the essence of Master, it was really just a classic horror story telling device used brilliantly here. The mood setting art was really great. The emotion is shown expertly throughout the pages. There's a lot of great closeup shots of characters faces that help underline the tensions of the various situations. The action flows in the required pages brilliantly. Just great art overall.

Every week it feels like I'm using my reviews to sing the praises of Matt Kindt. This week is no different and all praise is deserved. Kindt has given us to awesome fantastic books this week and Valiant is lucky to have such a talented writer in there stable. There might not be another writer I enjoy everything by. If you read as much of his work as much as I do you see the subtle seed planting that is a trademark of his style. I'm sure I've said this before but he has taken a poor one dimensional 90s ninja character and has made him into a fully formed important character that I look forward to reading every month more then any other. Just a special talent. I'm glad we are revisiting Master Darque again and the Book of Death series, where he was imprisoned in the tree that he currently resides in, has been given a chance to breathe. Darque was one of my favourite characters in the old school Valiant Universe and he has featured in two of the best single issues the new company has published so it's great to see him back again. It seems that Matt Kindt has been setting up Darque to be a major villain in the series since the start.

The book was perfectly balanced with action, drama and horror. I couldn't ask for a better book if I tried. I can't wait till next month for the second half of the story. This is a great book that you should be reading! 

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