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Divinity III #4

by Jason Laframboise on March 29, 2017

Written by MATT KINDT
Published by Valiant Comics

For the love of Jack Kirby and all that is great in comics, those opening pages! This was a brilliant book. This is the finale of the Divinity III mini series and what a finale we got in this issue. We get a book full of not only action, and great action scenes they are, but also the existential questions about why we(well the characters) are here, and the purpose of everything. This book is the new Valiant version of Solar restarting the universe. The last issue of the Stalinverse line I read was the Escape from Gulag 396 and I wondered if the characters would even matter after the series ended, referencing the Red Brigade member Pioneer at the time and we do get an answer to this question and it is happily a yes, they shall be part of the proper Valiant Universe. As for the question of how is this accomplished, that is up to you to go read this tremendous issue. 

Matt Kindt has crafted a masterful science fiction story here. Reading it from the very beginning, everything ties together so well. I was left wondering about the third missing cosmonauts, and we get those answers in this chapter. It was just a beautiful read from start to finish and as a total story it might be the best thing new Valiant has put out.The Valiant Universe has been built on Matt Kindts shoulders. His creative ideas have built up this world in ways that will be felt though out Valiant for years to come. One of the best parts is that Kindt clearly has already planted another seed for a future chapter. Good stuff all around from the genius Matt Kindt.

Trevor Hairsine's art does a lot of the heavy lifting as large portion of the book is all action. As mentioned above the opening pages of this book are awesome. Last issue our hero Divinity got his head cut off in a page that I thought was going to be the highlight of the series as far as the art is concerned. Well I can say the vision of the Divinity's severed head recreating his body topped it. Awesome art that really told a great story.

Another great Divinity mini series has closed out. We got a teaser in the back of the book for a new series Eternity. I tend to not read previews, so I am not sure exactly what this book is going to be, but I hope that it's the next chapter for these characters. I loved the series and I hope other people also buy it, and enjoy it. I cannot recommend this series more, you need to read it. Fantastic!

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