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The Spirit: The Corpse Makers #2

by Jason Laframboise on March 24, 2017

Written and drawn by: Francesco Francavilla
Published by Dynamite Entertainment

This month is the second chapter of the Spirit Corpse Maker is in the books, and boy does it feel like a chapter. Other then a tiny advancement of the plot and a brief fight scene not a lot happened. That is not to say that this was a bad issue because it was once again quite good, but it almost feels like I'm reading one of the old Sunday comic pages. That's the level of advancement we get with this issue as far as the plot goes. The Spirit and his partner Ebony White are searching for Ebony's cousin Vince, who is tied up with a criminal element. Elsewhere Police Commissioner Dolan has an ongoing mystery of his own to deal with, although very little happens with this in this issue.

The Spirit is at it's best when one person is handling the art and writing chores and for this series that is Francesco Francavilla who fun fact is an Eisner Award winner. The Eisner Awards are of course named after the creator of the Spirit Will Eisner. Francavilla's take on the Spirit in my opinion and as I said last month, is almost like a combination of Darwyn Cooke and Will Eisner. The style works for me and Francavilla really captures the film noir feel that we come to expect from the Spirit. The colouring also helps set the tone of the story really well, and the fact that the rain is falling through the entire issue is another nice touch. Another thing I really liked was that the issue starts and ends with splash pages, classic Spirit style. Good stuff all around with the writing and art.

I wish there was more to say about this issue, but it's hard when the story is decompressed like this. That is not to say that it wasn't a good issue, or that I'm not enjoying the story, because I did. This story will read better as a trade, so I do recommend waiting for that to come out, or sit down and read the entire mini at once and I feel that it will flow much better. 

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