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Bloodshot Reborn #0

by Jason Laframboise on March 23, 2017

Written by JEFF LEMIRE

Published by Valiant Comics

This months issue of Bloodshot Reborn is the final issue of this series. Fear not however Jeff Lemaire's great take on Bloodshot will continue in September.
 What we get with this book is basically the close out of all the loose ends of Lemaire's Bloodshot run, with seemingly happy endings for the Bloodshot squad, Kay McHenry(Deathmate), Agent Festival and of course Bloodshot and Magic. There is a distinct sense of finality with the issue, but there are a couple teases for the future, including what seems to the potential new big bad villain of the new series. The most fitting way to describe the issue is it is an epilogue; all of the major action beats were hit in the Bloodshot USA mini series, and this kind of closes out the story. I will not spoil the book but there are a couple of major plot developments, which leaves me excited for September to come.

Lemaire's run with the Bloodshot character has been nothing if not amazing. From issue one of Reborn, this book has become one of my favour books and has been a must read for me. I am glad we get some resolutions, and the way Lemaire has set up the future is great. This book has been a pretty much prefect since the beginning and this was the perfect way to end it. The last page is the perfect ending. The bits featuring the Bloodshot squad were well done, and if this is the end for these characters it was a nice send off. Of course I hope they do come back at some point, as it's nice that our Bloodshot has some folks he can relate too. I'm also glad that Bloodshot was given a good supporting cast for a bit. It seems that since the new Valiant launched we've had several attempts at giving Bloodshot someone to care about and these have all ended quickly with our hero moving on like he's the Hulk.  Just another point that made this series a huge plus for Bloodshot and Valiant as a whole.

I'm not very familiar with the artist on this issue, Renato Guedes. Guess has a very pleasing style and the quality of the art is superb as has been the case with pretty much every page of this series. Not much in the way of action in this book, but we do get a lot of great emotional quiet moments between several of the characters. The pages featuring Kay McHenry/Deathmate were very well done. The final pages were really a great way to end this great series. It was nice to end on a happy note, even though I'm sure the happy tone isn't destined to last very long.

Hurry up September, I need more Bloodshot. Again this series has been probably my highest rated, very rarely going below a 9, and this last issue is no different. I loved it. I am sad about this break but big things are coming, so stay tuned. 

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