Faith #7

by Jason Laframboise on January 07, 2017

Written by Jody Houser
Art by Joe Eisma and Marguerite Sauvage

Continuing the great old school super hero adventures of Faith this month, our hero faces the ghosts of her past, quite literally. The story opens with Faith trying on new uniforms designed by her friend
Faith is seeing her dead doppelgänger from a previous arc, when she looks in the mirror and dreamed of her dead teammate Flamingo, and at the start she is convinced that she is probably just over worked, maybe losing it. Finally she is confronted by these ghosts and more in the final pages. As the first part of the arc we don't get any resolution just all the mystery. Is our faithful (okay sorry) hero losing her mind? Is she being manipulated by some unknown outside force? The book needs to be read.

When this series first started I really felt that it wasn't really aimed at me, but the writing of it really has convinced me that it's a book for fans like me. I've said this many times, but it really reminds me of the classic super hero books I've been reading my entire life. Shades of Superman we get an old school super hero book. It's a brighter book then most of the mainstream books we have right now, even with this story's darker subject matter. It's just a good book that doesn't leave me horribly depressed. I like the solo portrayal of Faith maybe better then her in then Harbinger series, under Jody Houser the character has been fleshed out and been allowed to grow beyond most characters in the Valiant universe. She's just a relatable normal person who happens to have super powers. I like the touch of having most of her supporting cast knowing who she really is, none of the "nobody knows who Superman really is even though you see Clark Kent everyday" nonsense. It's refreshing.

The art fits the tone of our story so well. It's not to cartoony while remaining bright and full of life. The "zombie" designs are fun, but are a little to similar to each other so at times its hard to tell them apart if not for their costumes. Also in this issue we get the return of Marguerite Sauvage's great dream/fantasy squences in this issue. I love these and they are one of the many high lights of this book full of them. Speaking of tone the colours as always are nicely in tune with it.

Oveall another fantastic issue of this great series. Every issue I'm becoming more fond of the series. We are getting a long running story that should pay off soon, and everything has been done so well. I can't recommend this book more highly.

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