Faith #5: Election Day Special

by Jason Laframboise on November 08, 2016

"Dark Star"
Written by: Jody Houser
Art by: Meghan Hetrick
Fantasy sequence art by: Marguerite Sauvage
Colours by: Andrew Dalhouse

"Faith in Politics"
Written by: Louise Simonson
Art by: Pere Perez
Colours by: Andrew Dalhouse

"No Days off"
Written by: Rafer Roberts
Art by: Colleen Doran
Colours by: David Baron

Our main story this issue starts off with a young teenage girl Zoe Hines in a casting call, when she runs out looking sick or upset, then she is greeted by a talking cat, sort of reminds me of the first issue of Harbinger where Toyo Harada first introduced himself to Pete Stanchek, but by the end is much more sinister. The talking cat or mayber Zoe causes the rest of the people at the casting call to go catatonic state. This brings her to the attention of Faith, who goes to investigate. Zoe's mother is seen with what appears to be Project Rising Spirit agents, making Faith charge into the mall in which Hines ends up in.

The main story was pretty good, I'm not sure exactly what the deal with the talking cat and Zoe Hines stuff. It is the first issue in the new story arc so I guess I can't say too much about the lack of answers. Next month should be good. One big highlight was when Faith first sees the talking cat, we cut to the regular Faith day dream sequence, this time featuring Sailor Moon, which made me laugh out loud. I enjoyed the main story, but it does suffer from the main selling point of this issue being the back up feature.

There was a change in art for the main feature, because our regular artist, Pere Perez is handling the very important backup feature but I will get to that. The art was okay, though Faith looked a little blobby in some panels, not a big deal but it did stick out to me. The colours are good as always, Andrew Dahlhouse does a good job.

Okay let's get to the part of the issue that everyone wants to talk about... Hillary Clinton is in this book, and is in fact on the cover of the book. Politics aside because I'm not touching this election with a 100 foot pole wrapped in garbage bags. No matter the controversy surrounding the candidate in question, this book was an attention grabber for our fledgling comic company and that is nothing but good. Faith as her secret identity of Summer has been to dispatched to interview Mrs. Clinton and runs into a robbery in typical Faith fashion. And also in typical Faith fashion the robbery is being committed by someone with psiot abilities. Of course we have the presidential candidate nearly being killed and having to be saved by Faith. It was a fun little story. I wonder how Trump feels about it.....probably angry.......anyway. It is great to see the legendary Louise Simonson writing a Valiant book.

We get a second back up in this election day special. It's a short story that features a tired Faith rescuing a young psiot child from her evil uncle, just a good quick feel good story to cap off the issue.

Although this issue may not have gotten the mainstream buzz that Valiant was hoping for in my opinion, the book itself is such a huge plus for the company that it doesn't even matter. Not just an great book for Valiant and it's fans, but a huge plus for the industry as a whole. It was a fun book, just like most issues of the series. I once again strongly recommend buying this, if not for yourself then for the comic fan in your life.

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