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by Jason Laframboise on December 26, 2017

Published by Valiant Comics

Sometimes doing reviews really sucks. You read a preview for a book and it sounds awesome, something cool with characters you love and then you pick it up and it's brutal. It makes you feel stupid for wasting your money, and your time. Ninja-K has been the complete opposite for me. I honestly didn't expect this book when I heard about the relaunch of the Ninjak book without ace writer Matt Kindt helming the book. I honestly had low expectations. Nothing against Christos Gage but I really wasn't expecting this. This is a sensational comic!! 
So a brief major spoiler free run down of what happened this month. The issues opening with using being introduced to Ninja-C. I love the way we are meeting these older Ninjas. I hope it continues till we meet Ninja-J. It's just a really cool concept. Honestly I thought the whole Ninjak thing standing for Ninja-K was just a throw away one panel joke, but that we have just run with it is part of the fun of the valiant universe. Here I am trying to focus on what happened in the story and I keep going on about how much I loved the book. So Ninjak is trying to get to the heart of the mystery of Ninja-D's murder and he goes to confront one of D's old foes, who may have also bed his lover. Despite her advanced age Madame Charade is still looking young and tries to seduce our hero. Does Ninjak succumb to these advances in traditional spy story fashion? You must read this issue to find out. We almost have three chunks of different stories, with Ninja-C taking the first third, Ninjak in the middle and the Original Ninja(Ninja-A) getting a back up feature, the first part of a WWI adventure. I loved the back up as well. There's not enough good WWI stories. It's a hugely important time period and really should be used as a comic book setting more often.
The art was fantastic once again. Some of the panels seem to be literally acted out for us, with tight shots of a character's face while talking. Being able to focus on the words and the facial expressions was a nice compliment with the story telling. There is a page with Ninjak running towards and enemy at the end of the book throwing stars, that I just love. Anytime a book contains WWI aircraft I am happy, I've a big fascination with biplanes so that was another treat. 
If this book were a person I'd marry it. I mean I would need to get a divorce first, and I'm pretty lazy and hate paper work so I probably wouldn't actually marry it, but my point stands. This is an awesome book that I am loving. Please if you love spy action books, seek this one out and buy it. It is worth every penny.

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