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by Jason Laframboise on June 27, 2017

Written by MATT KINDT
Published by Valiant Comics

In this issue, the second of the Rapture  our heroes Tama the Geomancer, the super spy Ninjak, the mystic Punk Mambo continue on their way through the Deadside, to prevent the coming destruction of the Earth, by the mysterious figure known only as Babel. Oh and Jack Boniface aka Magpie aka Shadowman is there as well.

Another month another excuse to sing the praises of the great Matt Kindt! This issue is just so tightly written. The whole story is subtlety picking up plot points from previous stories,  such as Tama and the book of the Geomancers, Punk Mambo's ability to control her Loa while poor Jack Boniface still isn't quite able to do that with his. We do get some cool stuff, with my favourite scene involves my favourite character currently in comics, Ninjak. Just as I was thinking how out of place Ninjak really feels in these mystical stories he comes out of nowhere to save the day while only using a gadget and his fighting skills he is able to subdue one of the Deadside's residents. My one complaint is Tama.... she just doesn't feel like a real character yet. Like we get this bad ass little girl who isn't afraid to just waltz into the Deadside just to save the Earth, but we still don't really know much about her other then she was sent from the future, by that times Eternal Warrior, but hey who is she? Did she have a family? And if she did why does she seem so resigned to her fate of being trapped in the past? Does she know what's going to happen? Shouldn't her existence prove that her assembled team is successful in saving the Earth? Sorry fanboy ramblings but still these questions need to be asked! 

I really liked the art in the issue. We get two distinct styles in the issue one for the main part of the story and a different one for the story within the story the issue. I used to find that jarring when the art style would change in the middle of the story, but now I kind of dig it. The colours were kind of grim, but that's understandable seeing as how the book is set on the Dead Side. One thing I like is that the Loa beings that are joined with Jack and Punk Mambo are colourful and stand out nicely against the bleak backgrounds.

It was a good issue, and as with all Matt Kindt penned comics featuring Ninjak it had great moments that are one of the reasons I've become such a huge fan of both the writer and the character. My biggest hope for the series is that Kindt can save poor Jack Boniface, Magpie, Shadowman. The way the character has been portrayed so far has been Valiants second biggest failure(sorry Dead Drop can't be topped ick!). Other then two issues of his solo series, both of which were focused on Master Darque not Shadowman, everything else has been abysmal. But there is hope with this series that Matt Kindt will work his magic and save the character from the depths of sadness that he has been in since his first appearance. Lets see! Great issue, a must buy!

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