Chariot #2 Review 

by James Caudill on April 17, 2021

Chariot #2 Cover

“Awww. We’re friends now.”--Gillian


Writer: Bryan Hill

Art: Priscilla Petraites

Publisher: AWA Studios


Chariot #2 is an action packed synthwave thrill ride! That is just a great way to sum up this story by Bryan Hill on the writing and Priscilla Petraites on the artwork. Basically, this story is about a guy that is down on his luck and finds a very special car...a Cold War era muscle car that is programmed with the mind of its former owner. Someone finds out...and comes after them both!


If you don’t follow Bryan Hill on Twitter, you really should. He is one of those writers that has been around for a little while and jumps between comics and TV and movies. He is currently writing on the DC Titans show on HBO Max, so he occasionally takes some time off from comics to do that. One thing is for certain though, Bryan is a full, all out, 80s pop culture junkie and Chariot let’s him fly that flag proudly! Bryan loves Miami Vice and 80s music and this story is just chock full of that stuff. As a child born in the mid 80s, I am nostalgic for that time period as well. This series is part Timothy Dalton James Bond, part Pierce Brosnan, Remington Steele, part David Hasselhoff Knight Rider, part Charlie’s Angels, and a sprinkling of Miami Vice..obviously. I am really digging this series right now. 


While the writing is really awesome, the artwork by Priscilla Petraites brings this story home. Petraites brings her unique style to this series and it feels like a total 80s mind trip on the artwork and colors. Her style fits with Bryan HIll’s writing so incredibly well that I just want them to keep co-creating works for a REALLY long time to come. The action scenes in this are superb but there are pages that really stick out. There is a page where you see the inside of the mind of Gabrielle, the former owner of the car, and OH MY GOODNESS is that that page is GORGEOUS. Oh and there is a scene with the bad guy...I won’t spoil it...but you have to get this book to find out just how sexy that page is. That’s a little hint for you and that just fits the style of Petraites and Hill. Just a few subtle hints here and there and it is wonderfully executed. 


I could go on for days about this book. AWA Studios is getting great creators together now for their books and everyone is magnificent. But, Chariot immediately comes to the top of the list for me. Now, stop reading this and go buy the comic.

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