Rorschach #7 Review

by James Caudill on April 13, 2021

Rorschach #7 Cover

“I’m not a scientist. I make comics.”--Rorschach


Tom King: Writer

Jorge Fornés: Interior and Cover Artist

Dave Stewart: Colorist

Clayton Cowles: Letterer

Julian Totino Tedesco: Variant Cover Artist


If you haven’t been keeping up with this series by Tom King and Jorge Fornés and the rest of the have been missing out. Let’s give you a quick run down if you haven’t been keeping up with it before we get into the review itself. 

So far in this series, there is a new Rorschach who has a partner known as The Kid. Both were killed while trying to assassinate the Republican Presidential candidate because Robert Redford has been a long time president, thanks to the new state of Vietnam. This is the story about investigating the potential assassination and the complex story behind the new Rorschach. This particular issue gives us a lot more detail about Rorschach and The Kid. I’m afraid to give too much more as far as this issue is concerned because it feels like if I give anything’s going to spoil the issue for you and I don’t want to do that to you. 

Tom King is really good at writing obscure characters, like Mister Miracle and Adam Strange, but is also doing a great job at this kind of cult favorite Rorschach from the Watchmen stories. As a direct sequel to the Watchmen series, King does a great job at staying close to the original series. King really gets this story that he is telling. Rorschach is King’s love letter to comics. Wil Myerson is a stand in for the one and only Steve Ditko who was known to be a recluse at the best of times in his life and only became more so when he got older. Otto Binder is mentioned by name who famously wrote for Captain Marvel..ahem Shazam! And co-created Supergirl. In this issue, there is a special guest star and hints to other famous comics of the past. You have to buy the issue to get any more than that. 

I have to say, Jorge Fornés is doing an excellent job on the art for this series and Dave Stewart is just adding to that with his colors. Fornés certainly is taking what Dave Gibbons did in the original story as inspiration. However, Fornés is doing it in his own style but you can definitely see the influence of Gibbons. Dave Stewart is adding to that with that muted color scheme with the browns and greenish tints to things in the background. Oh, and did you see that cover? Wow! Talk about a really freaky cover but how amazing is that? I love this cover and the colors with it. The art and colors look like they belong with the original Watchmen story. Fornés and Stewart are the perfect art team for this book and add that to what Tom King is writing and you have a great storyline here in the Watchmen canon. 

There have been some people who have said this has been a slow story in spots and  there might be an issue that is not as exciting as the others, but that issue is one that really drives the story forward and you need to have that to really get the story. I highly recommend this story and this is a great issue on it’s own. If you haven’t been reading this story so far, I highly recommend the books before to help understand everything, but I guess you could read this on its own just to see the things that I have hinted at in this review.

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