Seven Secrets #7 Review

by James Caudill on April 07, 2021

Seven Secrets #7 Cover A

“I swam toward an island through an ocean of stars.”--Caspar


Written by: Tom Taylor

Illustrated by: Daniele Di Nicuolo

Colored by: Walter Baiamonte with color assistance by Katia Ranalli

Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire

Published by: Boom Studios


Spoiler alert! If you haven’t read Seven Secrets #1-6 or the trade paperback yet...please do so right now. You seriously won’t regret doing so. That arc set up this one and this issue #7 is amazing!! So let’s dive in shall we. 


Tom Taylor returns as the writer of Seven Secrets and honestly picks up right where he left off. The Order is in chaos and one of the Keepers has taken the remainder of the Order to another dimension and apparently Caspar has some kind of connection to this place. But what is it you may ask? You’ll have to read this issue to find out. One thing is for certain, Tom Taylor along with his co-creator Daniele Di Nicuolo are weaving a phenomenal tale and this is absolutely Tom Taylor at his absolute best!  Seven Secrets is really its own kind of story and this has Tom Taylor at his best. This issue is no exception. Think of it as the issue #1 of the second arc. We get more background on Caspar and that is going to lead us through the rest of this arc and hopefully farther.


The team up of Daniele Di Nicuolo on illustrations and Walter Baiamonte with the assistance of Katia Ranalli is absolutely breathtaking! Di Nicuolo absolutely gets these characters. Those designs on each character are so unique from the humans to the not quite humans as you will see in this issue. Add in the colors of Baiamonte and Ranalli and you have an absolutely gorgeous book in your hands. Each page literally jumps off its page at you when it comes to the artwork. It is absolutely stunning. As the quote above that I mentioned it really does feel like you are swimming through starts with this issue because the art is just so good. It is breathtaking. 


I literally cannot say enough about this book. It is close to perfection. A lot of people know Tom Taylor for just killing off their favorite characters but this book isn’t quite like that. Sure, some characters die but that is what they are meant to do as the story unfolds. If killing off your favorite characters is what you expect from Taylor, prepare your mind for a complete trip with this book. It is a hard turn from what you might be used to...but that turn is so incredibly worth it. I absolutely love this book!

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