Green Arrow #48 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on January 09, 2019

Written by Colin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing
Art by Javier Fernandez
Colouring by John Kalisz
Lettering by Deron Bennett
This book has been in a crisis for the past few years, even when it was written by Benjamin Percy. Something isn't right with this book, and top-tier creators need to come in and make a stamp with the character like Mike Grell did, or like Kevin Smith and Phil Hester. Colin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, and returning artist Javier Fernandez, craft possibly the most enjoyable issue of the series yet, but that nagging feeling is still in the back of my head; DC can do better.
And with the book ending at #50, there really isn't much room for improvement. Fernandez is a strange artist and his style works for me when he isn't incorporating his style so heavily, and I'm glad to say that Fernandez's art in this issue doesn't look like his usual style, so that's a big plus for me! He's always been inventive with layouts and shadows and these are the strengths of this issue.
Kelly and Lanzing seem to only be hired when a book needs ending, or if a book needs a random one-shot to break up an arc. I think they're a good writing team, and the interplay between Ollie and Dinah in this issue certainly feels like the most fun it's been in this entire book. They're playful but also serious in light of the recent events concerning Sanctuary, and this highlights why they're one of DC's essential romantic couples.
That nagging feeling I mentioned earlier? It's got something to do with Count Vertigo. He honestly might be the most recurring DC villains of the past six or seven years, but I'm probably wrong. He's shown up more times than I can count, but at least here the team are doing something a little different with the character, and this is made clear with the final page which really, really interested me. I'm curious to see where this goes and the fact that this story is only going to go on for two more issues has me hoping that it will wrap up in a satisfying manner.
Kelly and Lanzing jump on for the final arc of the series, and they do a great job at making an old villain feel new while also embracing Ollie and Dinah's relationship.

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