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Extremity #3

by Forrest.H on May 03, 2017

Writing and Art: Daniel Warren Johnson
Colors: Mike Spicer
Letters: Rus Wooton
Publisher: Skybound - Image 

The third issue of Extremity offers up the stellar, complex art that Daniel Warren Johnson lives comfortably in, moves the main plot forward in a compelling way, and delivers some great scenes but feels a little less tightly created at a higher level than the previous two.

Thea grows in a flashback, but is likewise stunted in the modern day. Shiloh has an existential crisis. The heights and threats on the Rolo’s lives are raised to a fever pitch.

The world-building here is exquisite. Johnson has a fully realized world and teasing out little bits of how culture, life and even technology work is a great idea – one that grounds and brings an authentic vibrancy to every issue thus far – making the characters and their troubles seem all the realer.

Will Thea’s journey for revenge, fueled by an intense, scared hatred, be balanced out by the fledging Shiloh’s hesitancy? It appears so and it’s a balance that I think will be expounded upon in future issues to a great benefit and is by far the most interesting element here. Everything about Shiloh is immensely interesting and /cool/ from design to vernacular, action to philosophy. It’s a great character with brilliant design that I can’t wait to see more of.

The issue’s weakness then, is in not focusing on just that. Or just anything. With new enemies introduced, new flashbacks, a frantic and somewhat confusing action scene, and more – it loses a bit of focus.

Well-drawn, well-colored, well-scripted, any one storyline here could be richly explored alone in the issue but they’re all propelled forward. It’s a bit of a shame, one hopes that singularly focused issues are planned too, as I think views into Thea’s psyche, or Shiloh’s for that matter, would be well received and interesting. This is nitpicking, though, as I think Extremity is one of the comics on shelves today put together by an indescribably talented team.

Overall, the issue works as well as one can expect, threads are pulled in interesting directions and the visual design is immaculate. Pick this up knowing that more compelling craftmanship like this is sure to come. 

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