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Lobster Johnson: Pirates Ghost #2

by Forrest.H on April 27, 2017

Lobster Johnson: Pirates Ghost #2
Writer: John Arcudi, Mike Mignola
Artist: Tonci Zonjic
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
A solid issue with excellent art from Zonjic and Arcudi’s tonally exquisite mystery-pulp narrative would benefit more from the titular character being more involved in the story.
I kind of expected that the second issue of this run would slyly step away from the seemingly supernatural elements of the previous issue as that’s kind of Johnson’s M.O. and while I’m slightly disappointed by that shift – damn Arcudi can write a good mystery.
There’s a lot to parse here – steeped in a cool, effervescent pulpy mystery and motivation that I won’t spoil. It’s well written, articulated and genuinely intriguing not so in the same way that a Hellboy or BPRD book might be, sure, but still so.  
The element that I see missing, narratively at least, is the Lobster himself. We’ve got a wonderful cast of characters here, their motivations are clear, palpable but the Lobster’s take on the events is sorely missing – it’s noticeable and slightly disappointing that so much happens almost laterally to Johnson.
The bright light of the issue then, much like the first, is Zonjic’s world here. It’s so detailed, realized and expertly choreographed. Pages awash in greens, blues and oranges really shine – the subtly gory intro segement is also well done. It’s a whole, complete package and I think few others than Zonjic do Mignola’s properties this well.
In the end a step away from supernatural elements and a stunning lack of the Lobster leave the book kind of missing a unique angle but the general mystery, intrigue, and artistic efforts here are more than enough to please.  

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