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Extremity #2

by Forrest.H on April 05, 2017

Extremity #2
Writing and art: Daniel Warren Johnson
Colors: Mike Spicer
Publisher: Image/Skybound
This is a homerun of a second issue.

Delivering on all the highs of the first issue while simultaneously filling in some of the lower points, Daniel Warren Johnson delivers a one-two punch of backstory and compelling forward momentum here that works astoundingly well.

The world Extremity takes place in, and its inhabitants, are stunningly realized, that much was apparent with the stylish design choices and aesthetics of the first issue, the world’s map and its apparently deep lore included but this second issue punches all that up in a believable way that strengthens our connection to the world, and its main characters, the Roto. A flashback imbuing our characters with even more a sense of purpose, a slow drip narrative on the side that fleshes out the darkest part of the world, it’s well written, inventive and endlessly cool stuff.

Equally cool and inventive is the artistic endeavor here. One page which introduces what I expect to be a major character, is breathtaking. It evokes these kind of hyper-detailed technological Akira elements while balancing the scary and somewhat serene natural world as a backdrop. Paired with Spicer’s colors, which I can’t praise enough (the control of purples and blues is so compelling in particular), it’s an evocative issue that perfectly balances the sci-fi and fantasy elements that I think Extremity will come to be known for.

I have nary a bad thing to say about this issue. It eschews the idea of a new series having a “Sophomore Slump”, it punches up both the action and narrative in meaningful ways, and perhaps most thrillingly, it looks the part as well.

I’m warry of spoiling too much, but if Hyper Light Drifter-equse soldiers, massive space beasts and animal-armored warlords are your thing, you can’t afford to miss Extremity. 

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