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Judge Dredd: Cry of the Werewolf

by Forrest.H on March 22, 2017

Judge Dredd: Cry of the Werewolf
Writers: John Wagner, Alan Grant
Artist: Steve Dillon
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Judge Dredd and the…werewolf.

Reprinted and collected here is the first Judge Dredd story I ever read: Cry of the Werewolf. I’m also told, and, believe it is one of the best.

Part investigation, part high intensity horror story, we follow the eponymous Dredd to the Undercity, a dark and tomb like chasm of crime and other maladies existing below Mega-City One to discover the origin behind a new, werewolf blight and stop it from overtaking Dredd’s beloved and fragile city, teetering on the edge of virtual invasion.

It’s a tense, horror and action ridden story that places Dredd square in the beasts’ jaws. It may be straightforward by most modern accounts, but it has all the right elements in all the right places.
Especially so, in Steve Dillon’s art. Expressive, dark, moody and taut with fright – the story is largely carried by Dillon’s efforts. It’s truly incredible stuff, a masterclass in human emotion, choreography, tension all captured here as wonderfully as it was when the story was originally printed.

IDW has deftly published this renewal of sorts on the eve of their Judge Dredd: Deviations issue coming out which offers a different spin on the story here. It was a shrewd move, as this reprint is well worth the price and worth your time for any number of reasons. I see no faults here. 

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