Punks Not Dead #6 Review

by Doug Warren on July 25, 2018

Writer David Barnett
Artist Martin Simmonds
Letterer Aditya Bidikar
Color Flats Dee Cunniffee
Publisher IDW

Punks Not Dead no. 6 is an amazing issue. And, as I am trying to come up with what I want to say about it, I realize that every plot point or revelation that I could touch on that made this issue so good would spoil the fun of you reading it yourself. (Plus, the artwork has been consistently amazing since issue 1, and I have already told you this many times.) So this may turn out to be little more than a blurb, but, trust me when I say if you have read even a single issue of Punks Not Dead, pick up this issue.

Action is great, but the real excitement comes when the pieces fall together, and that is what is happening in this issue.  Cullpepper and Asif finally work together, and it leads them to start to figure out the origin and why Sid left Heathrow, and his connection to Fergie. And, sometimes when this happens, it’s a groaner, out of left field. But, these realizations fit well in the current narrative and enhance and deepen the story. Also, Fergie is on the run from the cops because he is probably wanted for murder. How’s that for adding to the excitement?

This is the issue we’ve been waiting for—where everything starts to come together, and let me tell you, it is definitely worth the build up.

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