Punks Not Dead #2 Review

by Doug Warren on March 21, 2018

Writer David Barnett
Artist Martin Simmonds
Letterer Aditya Bidikar
Color Flats Dee Cunniffee
Publisher IDW

I came prepared to read Punks Not Dead #2. And by that, I mean I have Never Mind the Bollocks playing on Spotify, hooked up to some Bluetooth speakers, which, I gotta say, kinda feels like it’s going against the spirit of the Sex Pistols. It really feels like it needs to be on some scratchy vinyl.

A lot of things are going on in Punks Not Dead #2, and being set in a universe that is new to all of us, it’s kind of confusing. First, we are still waiting for Fergie to die. The series opened with him introducing himself as dead, or soon to be, but not soon enough. He’s still alive and kicking.

Fergie’s fight from the first issue is getting him attention at school. Some of it, such as a strange infatuation from his lifelong crush, may be welcomed, but other issues will definitely lead to his downfall in future issues.

Also, the Department of Extra-Usual Affairs is back, and now we see that they can sense the disturbance caused by Sid leaving Heathrow, and this just gets stronger as the issue progresses. But as we get to the end of the issue, I really don’t know what’s happening in the last few pages. But it is huge, and I am sure will be the basis of the next issue.

And, I can’t leave out that this issue was sprinkled with humor. Some genuinely funny moments happened, notably the scene with the Department of Extra-Usual Affairs.
The artwork again was spot one. Simmonds is a master of facial expressions. Be it Sid’s sneers, or the fear and confusion on the face of the newest agent with Extra-Usual Affairs.

This issue is a can’t miss. If you are new to the series, still pick it up. The “Story so far…” on the title page does a good job of getting you up to speed, so you have no excuses not to dive into the story.

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