by Doug Warren on March 14, 2018

Written by Ryan Ferrier
Illustrated by Ian McGinty
Colored by Fred C. Stresing
Lettered by Jim Campbell
Second Story written and illustrated by KC Green
Created by  Joe Murray
Published by kaboom!

Last issue, as we know, Bev left Mr. Bighead, and this issue is a continuation of that story. Heffer and Rocko are tasked with getting Mr. Bighead out on a group date. The hilarity ensues as they just try to get him out the door. With Bev gone, his world has collapsed. It wouldn’t have mattered if they were taking him out to meet women or just wanting him to walk out to the mailbox, he was incapable of doing anything.

The ride to the club was frustrating. Not to the reader, but to Rocko and Mr. Bighead. Also, not for Heffer either. In fact, it might’ve been the greatest thing that ever happened to him. You’ll see what I mean.

When they hit the club, it looks like Rocko is on top of his game and Mr. Bighead isn’t. But, all of this can change.

There really isn’t anything for me to say about the art that I haven’t said in my reviews for the first three issues. If you really want to know, go back and read those.
The thing I can say is Ferrier is doing a remarkable job of respecting this franchise. Everything that fans of the TV show loved about it in the 90s is still present, and now that all of us 90s kids are now grown up, he’s somehow managed to make the stories relatable to adults while still keeping the charm that kids will love.

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