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by Doug Warren on February 28, 2018

Written by Kyle Starks
Illustrated by Marc Ellerby
Colored by Sarah Stein
Lettered by Crank!
Story 2
Written by Magdalene Visaggio
Illustrated and colored by Marc Ellerby
Lettered by Crank!
Published by Oni Press

I think it does get harder and harder to review Rick and Morty because what can be said for the series has been said. The stories are hit and miss, but the artwork is consistent in the cartoon style.

Well this issue was a hit.

The conflict is brought about by Rick’s shenanigans. And this time, we see our protagonists with Summer in a Jurassic Park parody. You get the violence and blood you wanted to see in Jurassic Park with the dark humor the movie and book were missing. There were a couple of laugh out loud moments. And if you have a sick sense of humor when it comes to closure, you will love what happens here.

However, it’s like Rick and Morty comics always have a balance. The weak issues always seem to have the best second story at the end. And after this comparatively strong issue, we are stuck with part four of The Rick Identity, which is undoubtedly a confusing storyline mostly devoid of humor. But, this one was better than the rest. Maybe the best one of the lot because after four parts, The Rick Identity finished with the word end instead of to be continued

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