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by Doug Warren on January 30, 2018

Written by Kyle Starks
Illustrated by Kyle Starks
Colored by Allison Strejlau
Story 2
Written by Magdalene Visaggio
Illustrated and colored by Marc Ellerby
Lettered by Crank!
Published by Oni Press

When you pick up the newest Rick and Morty, what do you want to see? A story about a hapless youth who gets wrapped up in his crazy grandfather’s shenanigans, or some weird killer aliens that you’ve never met before in a meaningless, choppy plot where Rick and Morty barely make an appearance?

The second one?

Oh man, me too!

Seriously. There was nothing Rick and Morty about this. The duo’s limited role could’ve been played by Grimace and the Hamburglar from McDonaldland and it would’ve made just as much sense.

There were a couple of laughs in the beginning, but the entire thing felt like a set up. I kept waiting for the real story to start. It didn’t happen.
Morty did have one frame (ONE!) in the comic book where he played a pivotal role, but it didn’t even make sense. There was nothing explaining what happened, why, or how. It was frustrating.

It wasn’t Rick and Morty. It just wasn’t. I would bet money that Starks wrote this for something else, and then just ported it over to Rick and Morty. That has to be it.

The style of art was appropriate. It hid inconsistencies.

I liked Strejlau’s coloring, though.

But, with Rick and Morty, we know there is a short, second story at the end. This could be the redemption. Nope. It’s part three of “The Rick Identity,” the title’s most confusing, least planned out series. It’s a mess, and it’s not even over. It’s still “to be continued.”

No. Just no.

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