by Doug Warren on January 24, 2018

Script: Jeff Lemire
Art, Colors, Lettering: David Rubin
Flats: Kike J. Diaz
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Have you ever read the final issue of a series, and it made you retroactively hate every book in the entire series? Well, welcome to Sherlock Frankenstein no. 4.
Lucy found Sherlock Frankenstein at the end of issue no. 3, so the search is over. The book begins with the back story of how Sherlock Frankenstein came to be, and you know what, it was a thousand times more interesting than the wild goose chase we’ve been forced to read the past three months. Why in the world wasn’t that the series! Sure, the way it stands now, we got to meet three interesting sidekicks, but how much better would it have been if we’d met them in a real timeline instead of hearing them reminisce about the past for a few pages each?

And nothing is resolved. Is it a spoiler to say nothing happens at the end? Maybe it’s good to say. Save you from a shocking disappointment. I can’t even piece together in my head what the point of it all was.

While we’re at it, the artwork was very distracting. The faces were so forced and twisted that even the slightest bit of emotion was portrayed the same was you’d expect someone’s face to look if their thumbs were being squeezed in a vice. And there is a frame where Sherlock drinks out of a brandy glass . . . it doesn’t look good.

I don’t think I’ve felt this let down since Tony Romo was on the Cowboys.

I’m sorry Tony. You don’t deserve to be compared to this.

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