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by Doug Warren on January 03, 2018

Writer (and Art page 1-3) Wes Craig
Artist Toby Cypress
Colors Niko Guardia
Letters and Design Jared K. Fletcher
Publisher Image Comics

This issue gets us where we are wanting to go in the series—to some action!

The evolutionary sequence that Craig has been drawing as a preface to each issue is getting closer to the dawn of man, and as in this issue, we learn that mankind is the party responsible for ruining the earth. All of the supernatural events, the monsters, etc., are the earth’s way of setting itself right.

And Morgan, the Black Temple’s Prophetess, the one who could possibly save us all? She likes to go out and be with the people. Reminds her that they aren’t worth saving.

Morphea, a witch and sworn enemy of the union, leads the union to the Black Temple’s headquarters. But it looks empty. They are convinced they have the wrong place until they are attacked by some kind of fat vampire man bat. The first good action of the series. But, this enemy is a (hopefully intentional) hilarious buffoon.

However, at this point, I don’t know where we are with the comic. I wasn’t as excited or engaged as I was with the first two issues, and I can’t help but feeling this was a throw away, filler issue.

The artwork throughout the series has been consistent, and I love how it gets more frantic as the action begins. Also, the expressions on the faces, especially the fat vampire man bat, really bring the comic to life.

I guess it will be future issues that let us know the importance of this installment, but I am glad we are finally into the action.

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