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by Doug Warren on December 27, 2017

Written by Tini Howard
Illustrated by CJ Cannon
Colored by Katy Farina

Story 2
Written by Magdalene Visaggio
Illustrated and colored by Marc Ellerby
Lettered by Crank!
Published by Oni Press

This is the best issue of Rick and Morty in a long time. Off the bat, it was strange that the December issue takes place with Summer planning her magnificent summer (and even shows the dates from late May through June), but that doesn’t bug me. Just something I noticed.

Added bonus, on the first page it let us know it was a “very special issue.” We all remember the 90s family sitcoms and their “very special episodes.” Those were always the ones where one of the characters tried drugs or alcohol or had a traumatic event happen to them, so yeah, always the most exciting, and 25 years later, the cheesiest and most hilarious.

The way the comic started out, I was afraid it was going to be a tame issue of Summer lying around, wasting her summer chanting woe is me, but, she got off the couch, was able to view what was going on in other dimensions, got her hands on a portal gun and took off. Rick got an alert, and we saw the dimension Rick and Morty were fighting in, and honestly, it was laugh out loud hilarious. (Laughing at a comic book, what a novel idea.) And, I am glad it was just a dimension mentioned in a comic mainly taking place in another one, because it was definitely a one off joke, but it was a funny one.

(Spoiler alert: Summer finds a dimension where she is popular.) So, yeah, seeing Summer in that kind of element really makes for a fun and (as far as Rick and Morty go) unique read. Then, when R & M come in to save Summer from herself, Summer learns a thing or two, and it does make this a very special issue.

And, the secondary story was the most ridiculous and asinine thing I’ve read in a while. Perfect absurdist humor, it had me laughing as well.

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