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Jenny Finn #1

by Doug Warren on November 15, 2017

Writer: Mike Mignola, Troy Nixey
Artist: Troy Nixey
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Publisher: Dark Horse

I am so stumped. This comic is like nothing I have seen before. As mysterious as it is strange. It leaves the reader intrigued, if not confused, and captivates us until it is over.

We start out on a fishing boat. The fishermen say one of the fish looks weird. Ooh! Foreshadowing! And then we get taken to a brothel. Where we meet the titular character. A little girl. In a brothel. That shouldn’t be right? But hey, this is Victorian England!

And strange things happen whenever Jenny is around. Like, one of the johns turned into a weird, oceanic mass. I’m talking barnacles and tentacles and fish bodies growing out from all over him. Just really messed up stuff.

Then, a kindly bloke named Joe follows Jenny through the streets because he is concerned. Says she is too good to be in this evil place. She insists that she is the evil one. And the more we get to know her, the more we see that might be true.

There are ghosts, prostitutes, and more of these weird fishy people. Does that all sound confusing? Yep. That’s the comic. They are setting us up for something good. There are so many paths that this series can take. So many questions they raised in this first issue that need an answer.

The artwork perfectly fits the stories. The characters are drawn in an intentionally ugly and grotesque way reminiscent of the pre-1960s horror comics. The dull muted colors not only compliment the gritty, dirty Victorian England that the story describes, but it helps to convey the overall tone.

There is no telling where this comic series is going, and I’m sold on going on the journey to find out.

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