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by Doug Warren on November 01, 2017

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Audrey Mok
Colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick
Published by Archie Comics

It is so easy to get lost in the Archie stories now. Which is a testament to the series, but makes each issue seem so short. A month is such a long time to get the answers to the questions left by the previous cliffhangers.

If you aren’t caught up on the story to this point, we start out with Reggie in jail and Betty’s parents banning Archie from any contact with her, and for that matter, the entire Cooper clan.

Veronica makes her return in this issue, but she seems more concerned with keeping Archie’s attention that with the condition of her wheelchair bound friend. But Archie’s mind is on Betty, much to the chagrin of Ron, (and to the detriment of his golf game). He wants to see her. He wants to help her, to make her better. He is guilt ridden over his role in the accident. This does bring out his trademark klutziness,  but there really isn’t any humor in it.

There is someone in town that has only Archie and Betty’s best interests in mind. We even have a nice flashback sequence to see how this friendship originally formed, and though this Good Samaritan goes all in to bring Archie and Betty together—and to reason with Betty’s parents—the fruits of this labor may not be seen until future issues.

Meanwhile, in jail, Reggie’s not doing too well. It seems Betty’s past volunteer work has made quite the impression on officers at the station, which makes them even more intent on seeing Reggie taken down. However, Reggie meets someone very interesting in jail. Someone any fan of Archie would be interested in meeting. And this meeting opens up a world of possibilities for future issues.

The artwork was great. Only criticism that could be made is how when the characters become too small, they start to become unrecognizable. And, also, for the record, Veronica isn’t nearly as unattractive as the cover makes her out to be.

A lot of story was packed into this issue, but I could’ve used more! It is going to be a long month waiting for the next issue.

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