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by Doug Warren on October 11, 2017

Creator: Bryan Lie
Writer:  Paul Jenkins
Artist: Hendry Prasetya
Lettering: Jaka Ady
Colors: Jessica Kholinne
Publisher: Image Comics

Let’s start with the good stuff. This comic had some of the best artwork I have seen in a while. Prasetya heavily used horizontal panels, some pages were just six of them stacked, and they worked perfectly to show the scope of the story and convey the scenes. Also, overlapping panels and characters extending past the frame into other panels really emphasized what was important and what the reader should focus on. And the characters and settings were drawn flawlessly. Usually, even with the best artists, the faces and buildings in the background kind of look dopey. Just features drawn with a thin line and no details. That was not the case here. High quality throughout.

Now, the story, I don’t have the same praise for. Sometimes in first issues you can get too bogged down with the details and back-stories to the point where it’s boring, but, I felt like this book had the opposite problem. I couldn’t get into it for the first 2/3rds of it because I had no idea what was going on. And there was technical talk that I am sure makes sense in this universe, but it didn’t mean squat to me. The last five pages or so were great; I could tell what was going on, and I was interested. And, the cliffhanger at the end, it seemed like something that should be a big deal. But, after spending the first 22 pages or so not being pulled into the story, there was no excitement in the big reveal.

So, a solid 10 for the art and a 5 for the story. Gives it a 7.5. And I’m gonna round down.

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