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by Doug Warren on October 11, 2017

Writers: Sergio Aragonés, Mark Evanier
Artists: Sergio Aragonés
Colorist: John Ercek, Tom Luth
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

The final installment of Groo: Play of the Gods wrapped up the series perfectly. And, of course, there is always the chance that this could be the last time we see Groo written and draw by Aragonés, and if it is, the ending was the perfect sendoff for Groo into eternity.

I will say, the plot and action of this issue made it the best in the series. The rest were just lead ups to this issue, and it finally came together. And there were so many things packed into this book, there wasn’t a second to be bored.

Welp. finally, it was put into writing what we knew about this series all along. Groo is the hero. This issue really got me thinking about Captain Ahax. In any other comic book universe, he would be the hero. The protagonist. And Groo would be his enemy. Thwarting his plans. And then Ahax would overcome Groo’s blunders and the day would be saved. But, nope. By inadvertently destroying all the plans of the seemingly normal character who has it all together, Groo saves the day. And that’s what makes this comic unique. He isn’t a classic protagonist, but he isn’t an antihero either. He’s like the foil that raised himself to the top.

I hate giving away too much plot details, especially in a finale issue like this one. But, I will say, every loose end in the series is tied together. Does Groo get the world’s greatest cheese dip? Where do the priests’ conversion attempts lead? Can Groo sink Ahax’s ship one last time?

And Groo. Though I hope it’s not, but if this is the last time we see you, I want to say, it’s been an honor going on adventures with you these past 30+ years. Thanks for the laughs and memories.

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