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DuckTales #1

by Doug Warren on September 27, 2017

Written by Joe Caramagna
Art by Luca Usai & Gianfranco Florio
Color by Giuseppe Fontana & Dario Calabria
Published by IDW Publishing

Who are the four main characters of DuckTales? This isn’t a rhetorical question. Go ahead. Answer it. Good. Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Uncle Scrooge. Now, guess who we didn’t see in this entire comic book? Uncle Scrooge. The dynamic between Scrooge and the nephews is what kept a whole generation of kids watching the show for 100 episodes. With it missing? We are stuck with Donald. And, isn’t he insufferable? The best thing about the original DuckTales is he was shipped off to the Navy at the very beginning.

The two stories were fine. Even funny in their own right. The first one showed Donald and the nephews working at a lighthouse in the desert. Funny concept, and it played out well. What was really distracting and bothersome was some of the dialogue. They made sure we knew that Huey was the smart one and Louie was the conniving one, but this wasn’t done naturally in any way, it was just awkwardly forced down the readers’ throats.
The same issues fall with the second story, this one based around a scientific lab where new inventions were built and tested. Donald is distracted, the nephews cause mayhem, faux hilarity ensues. The story was entertaining enough, and it worked within the structures of the book, but, remember, these are structures that I do not feel work as a whole.

There isn’t much to say about the artwork—it is typical Disney style and quality—except! Whose idea was it to give the nephews square heads? I know that it was a change made for the TV revival so we can’t blame the comic book artists, but why? The ducks are iconic characters, and they had round heads, you know, like ducks do. So, why make them square? It was ridiculously distracting.

This first issue will probably sell a lot of copies to guys my age who grew up watching DuckTales, are waxing nostalgic, and are excited to see it coming around. I think IDW blew their chances here of getting that audience to buy the second issue. 

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