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by Doug Warren on September 20, 2017

Written by Jody Leheup and Sebastian Girner
Art by Nil Vendrell
Colors by Mike Spicer
Published by Image Comics

We all know about the greats. Mark Twain. Thomas Edison. The other guy from Wham. And sure, they did amazing things. But, imagine how much better they could’ve been. What their legacy could be now if they had only had this one idea: bear-fighter comic book.

Well, thank the lord and Vishnu for Jody Leheup, Sebastian Girner, and Nil Vendrell. For being the visionaries to bring this idea to life. And what a day to be alive that we are blessed to be given the opportunity to read this book. I mourn for those who’ve gone before, who never got to live in a world where Shirtless Bear-Fighter was a thing.
I know the first question you have, and I can tell you, yes, Shirtless is back to not wearing a shirt. I know how uncomfortable all of you were last issue when he was forced to wear the shirt. I was too. So it was a breath for fresh air when I opened issue number 4 this morning to see his brawny, bare chest filling the pages once again.

And silliness aside—and this book is awfully silly, I mean, take a transformer, combine it with a toilet, add insect legs, and saws for arms, and you have one of the main antagonists—there’s actually a deep human story beneath the layers. With a broken protagonist and betrayal, it’s not just a one-gag strip. It is a legit story.

Something I noticed that really impressed me with the artwork was the use of light sources. I mean, as simple as it sounds, I’ve read thousands of comic books, and I’ve never been impressed with light sources like I am with Shirtless Bear-Fighter.

Next month is the final issue. It’s going to be bittersweet, but I have a feeling we will see ol’ Shirtless again someday. Somewhere.


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