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by Doug Warren on September 13, 2017

Writer: Sergio Aragonés, Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragonés
Colorist: John Ercek, Tom Luth
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

So many questions from the very beginning. If a ship sinks and Groo isn’t on it, did Groo really sink it? And will he find the world’s best cheese dip? And if he does, is that cheese dip still being made? Does Dark Horse realize the amazing tie in potential if they really have the world’s greatest cheese dip? Sounds like an amazing licensing opportunity.  This issue also puts Groo back at the helms of an army of soldiers. We know this can’t be good, but will Groo be such a disaster that he actually ends up decimating the other side?

I wish I had another word to use here to avoid the pun, but I just don’t. The humor was really cheesy. And, I really don’t know if it is cheesier than it used to be. I remember Marvel’s Groo the Wanderer series being more funny than cheesy, but I was also eight at the time, and still thought Ferngully: The Last Rainforest was hilarious, so I can’t trust my memory. But, there were laugh out loud moments. And, by that, I mean it made me smile and breathe out a little harder than usual for a second.
The religious satire was still heavy in this issue. Not just the earlier explorers’ attitude of converting the natives through violence and intimidation, but also what seems to be a recent trend (though it’s probably as old as religion itself) of doing things in God’s name that would have God face palming faster than Carl Winslow when Urkle enters the room.

The artwork is still classic Aragonés, perhaps with a brighter and more modern color scheme. Even though his cartoon style may seem simple compared to the depth and shading of contemporary super hero books, his attention to detail is right up there with the best of them.

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