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by Doug Warren on August 09, 2017

Writer: Sergio Aragonés, Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragonés
Colorist: John Ercek, Tom Luth
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

As a kid, I scoured through MAD Magazine. I would read all the features, all the strips, and then I would go through and carefully read all gags drawn in the margins. And to be honest, those were my favorite parts. The parts I kept flipping through and looking at over and over. I started reading Groo comic books around the same time. Somehow, the fact that Groo and the MAD Magazine margins were written and drawn by the same person escaped me for years. But when I realized it, of course it made sense.

All that is to say, if you loved the Groo comics and MAD Magazines of old, this comic will be everything you are wanting. This comic picks up where the last one left off with Queen Isaisa watching Captain Ahax’s fleet sail off to the new world to bring back riches and gold. On the ship, the priest are ecstatic thinking of the converts they will make, along with the gold they will find, and Captain Ahax is just happy that Groo is not on the ship.


You know what happens.

And when the crew arrives in the new land, well, the high jinx are just getting started.

But this story brilliantly satirizes religion and greed, and holds no punches when exploring the motives, and pointing out the hypocisies, of the early explorers. And the artwork is classic Aragonés. Groo fans, and hopefully some new fans, will be very happy.

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