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by Doug Warren on August 05, 2017

Writer: Ron Goulart
Artist: Sean Joyce
Publisher: Hermes Press
If you have never picked up a Phantom comic before, there is no time like the present. Pick up this issue. If the first issue is any indication, this five comic run will be well worth your investment.

It starts out in WW2 with John Kennedy on the PT-109, and then, we fast-forward to Washington, DC, in 1962, and Lt. John F. Kennedy is now the president. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, well, then I guess history wasn’t really your thing. But! Good news! Instead of reading a history book, you can just read this comic!

I will say, if you are unfamiliar with the Phantom, the first section might be confusing. Just know, Kit Walker is the Phantom. There. That’s not a spoiler; you should know that going in. And now you’ll be fine.

The intro/back-story is fast, and gets you into the action quickly. Throughout the book, the scene changes give the comic a great pace, and veteran Phantom writer Ron Goulart’s script gives it the classic Phantom feel.

Joyce’s artwork was superb. The 1960s costuming and setting gave it a nostalgic feel. It took me back to that feeling as a kid sitting and reading a stack of old, yellow-paged comics that I found in a storage locker, untouched for over 30 years. If I had to say one critical thing about the art, it’s that when the characters were further away, their faces were a bit muddied. BUT, had I been reading this for pleasure and not to review, that’s not something I would have noticed. And Joyce more than makes up for it with the detail and precision drawn when the characters are in the front of the frame.

This is a solid book. I can’t wait for the next issue.

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