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by Doug Warren on July 26, 2017

Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Dan Mora
Colourist: Raúl Angulo
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

I remember when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers first came on TV. FOX did a great job with the publicity campaign, because even before the first episode aired, all my friends and I were already fans. Then, when the first episode aired, we were all glued to the set, only to go back to school the next day disappointed that we, a bunch of nine-year-olds, were too old for it. That was my fear as I read the first few pages. That this was too cheesy. Not the unintentional campy kind of cheese, but the kind where someone tries too hard to make it.

But, as I plowed further into the book, I saw this wasn’t the case. Perhaps the cheesy introduction was a nod to the fans of the classic series, to let them know this book is for them. I hope that’s the case. And while the rest of the book seems in line with contemporary teen dramas, (including a clever and unique way of introducing the readers to the five main characters without dull back story), there is one thing that’s missing. How the heck did these five people become Power Rangers? If you are new to the franchise, you will be sitting there scratching your head! We know that they are new to their powers and just figuring it out for themselves, but the readers are given no hints to where these powers came from.

This book gives us the lead in to an awesome showdown, and I hope future issues will be filled with epic fights, but right now, we stop right there, with the lead in. And with that, I am disappointed with it as an introduction. It hinted at a Power Ranger’s genesis story, but didn’t really show us the origin, and we didn’t get into the action. However, the writing was well paced and entertaining, and by stopping where it did, it has guaranteed that I will pick up the second issue.

I think the readers will be excited to see the nemesis in this story, and the artwork does a great job of transitioning us from a normal high school setting to the dark places of evil.
This series definitely has potential, and it would be a good read for anyone looking to pick up a new series, whether you’re a fan of the original MMPR or not.

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