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Flash S03E19 - The Once and Future Flash

by Dorlan on May 02, 2017

I must say right at the beginning of the review, that this episode was great. Probably the best one in the second half of the season so if you haven’t seen it yet, a wonderful time to catch up as today is the day that 20th episode airs and we should learn who is Savitar. And now, let’s get to the review.

In the first place, I must mention the thing that was probably the most obvious, visually, to me. And that is how this episode was directed. This time Tom Cavanagh sat in the director’s chair and he did an excellent job. Kevin Smith might have a strong contender for best direction on this show. This episode was very grim and had dark tones through its whole runtime even though the message that was communicated was definitively a positive one.

The whole cast that shows in the future did a fantastic job in portraying themselves in a completely unusual way (except maybe Killer Frost, who didn’t differ much from her current state, but by no means was that Danielle Panabaker’s fault). I would like to single out Jesse L. Martin who again phenomenal job and proves again how great of an actor he is.

Throughout the episode, we watch Barry who interacts with the remnants of Team Flash that his future version disbanded. Cisco served as his guide and moral compass. Every interaction with each member of the former Team Flash is unique and corresponds well with their personalities. Strongest was probably Barry with Joe and right after that I would say Barry and future Barry, because Grant Gustin did wonderful job in this dual role and his tormented future version was basically like watching completely different character, but you can still say that at some point he might have been that confident superhero that Barry is now.

The ending of this was a little cheesy and one could even say too much positive compared to the darker tone that was very prominent throughout the whole episode, but it was still good. I would probably like a different villain of the week to make Barry teaming up with himself more interesting, but the duo of Top and Mirror Master.

After this episode, I am really excited for the rest of the season as my faith in the show is slowly returning. If you had some doubts, like me, you need to watch this episode and you will see how much this show can offer when everything works together to create an exceptional story.

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