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Flash S03E17 - Duet

by Dorlan on March 28, 2017

Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) and Grant Gustin (Flash)
Why is this review so late you ask? Again? What excuse will I use today? To be frank I wasn’t all that thrilled to watch this episode as I don’t watch Supergirl and wasn’t sure that I’ll like this musical crossover. To my surprise and delight, this was one of the better episodes we got to see. Maybe even one of the best overall for this whole season.

To easy those of you that haven’t watched it yet into the plot here is a very short summary of what happened. Kara gets bamboozled on her Earth by Music Meister who afterward flees to Earth-1 to chase after Barry. Kara is brought there by some of her people for help but Barry succumbs to the same effect that plagues Kara. From this point forward we are in the realm of the musicals that both Barry and Kara like so much. And their way out? Just follow the script.

To me, this episode was a mine field that could have blown up with the slightest misstep, but they managed to present this very unorthodox setting with a such a grace that it was simply delightful to watch our duo to learn their lesson. I also liked that Music Meister wasn’t your basic villain that we see regularly, but he presented something completely new and different.

During this episode, Barry and Iris learned what they really mean to each other. The same is true for Kara and Mon-El. I also liked that overall this episode felt a little lighter in tone and wasn’t plagued with that dark but at the same time flawed, premise that we saw lately on The Flash.

Tag fight between Music Meister, Kid Flash, Martian Man Hunter and Vibe was also pretty well done so I can’t really point to something that would be bad about this episode.

In conclusion, this was probably one of the best episodes we as an audience got to see and the return of more lighthearted tone together with excellent performances from Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist. And I must say these two can sing. Overall if you had similar reservations to mine you should throw them away and watch this episode.

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