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Flash S04E02 - Mixed Signals

by Dorlan on October 24, 2017

This review is very late and because of that will also be very short. I know, that if anything, it should be longer, but everything doesn’t always happen according to the plans.

So how was the second episode? I didn’t have my hopes up after the premiere so I can’t say that I was disappointed. One thing I like is that they are showing the season villain right off the bat and build him up as master planner. It might pay off big time when they first face off and Thinker is ready for everything that The Flash might throw at him.

What I have very much mixed feelings about are Barry and Iris. I liked a lot the way they started to build them. Barry being too enthusiastic to see any problems and doing way to much stuff that he almost keeps Iris out of the loop. And her coping with him coming back after 6 months. The therapy idea was a lot of fun. I hope they might keep it for few more episodes just for the fun o fit. What I really didn’t like was that Iris snapped on Barry for saving Central City. I mean, come one, the writers couldn’t even think that it was something plausible and they still kept it in. It was way out of character for her and basically, nobody could have sided with Iris on this one. And their new „We are the Flash“ that came out of it is just …. weird.

One more thing regarding Cisco and Gypsy. I didn't hate them in this episode, which is a good sign as I was very much opposed to this relationship when it was introduced last year.

Overall I kind of enjoyed the episode, but it still has a long way to reach the qualities of the first two seasons. Because of that, I must give this episode same mark as last week.

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