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Flash S03E20 - I Know Who You Are

by Dorlan on May 09, 2017

So, guys, in a bit we will see how does Team Flash deal with Savitar's identity. For now, let's rewind to next week and see how did we got to that point and whether it was a good reveal.

Beside the reveal that I will talk in the end of the article with spoilers, don’t worry, there will be warning if you are behind, this episode didn’t bring anything extra like some of the last episodes, but it was solid episode that was entertaining that did just fine on all fronts, but didn’t exceed expectations that were, unfortunately, quite high.

As Barry has information from his future self he pursues doctor Brand who, in the future, creates Speed Force trap for Savitar. As they are not the only one who is after her this episode turns into a game of cats and mouse. In this case, the mouse is, of course, a brilliant scientist with a lot of self-doubts that is wrapped in a funny package that can, unfortunately, get old quite fast as the show tries to milk it so much. The cats being Team Flash who competes with Team Savitar.

I liked how “comic booky” fighting in this episode was, especially regarding Killer Frost who felt a lot inspired by one unnamed movie about superhero family. What I didn’t like is how uncreative they are with villains beating Flash and how he just gets pummeled on the ground without running somewhere else and coming back to sonic punch them.

Who struck me as an interesting character this episode was HR, who stepped up and came through for the team, which was nice to see as it showed that he has learned quite a lot from them.
As we are nearing the finale and the show came back from the slumber that it was for a bit part of the last half of a season I’d advise you to stay tuned, because we just might have a great finale in the store for us.


Let’s talk about Savitar now. I have frequented a lot of forums and discussion boards this past week to get as much information about Savitar and his true identity. What I was surprised to see was, that a lot of people claimed to know that Barry eventually turns to be Savitar from the first time he says: “I am the future, Flash.” Of course, coming back you can see that in this line, but in most cases where he says that (there is a couple) you can hear the comma that he uses. What I mean to say, as someone who doesn’t read Flash comics, but watches the show and likes it (I mean, come on, I write reviews for fun, of course, I like it), I liked that reveal, I was surprised and I am very intrigued with what comes next. So props to the writers for coming with this kind of villain. That is all I have to say about that. If some of you are experts on Flash I’d welcome some discussion in the comments.

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