by Dave Morris on June 03, 2012

Matt Kindt is creating a special comic book.  After reading the first issue you'll have experienced something genuinely original.  It's a work that has been crafted with so much thought and care that it easily stands out from most if not all of the other monthly titles that are coming out these days.

As is usually the case with comics created by a single person doing both the writing and the art, everything feels a little tighter.  There is more cohesion between these roles where the singular vision of the creator can be fully realized.  You will be immersed in his pages which overflow with interesting content, depth of story and gorgeous artwork.  There are unique and fun plot mechanics which contribute to the overall narrative of special agents with powerful mind control abilities.  One of these is a mock advertisement on the back cover that is coded as the first part of a secret message which will be revealed when the first six issues have been laid out side by side. So don't wait for the collected volumes because this is one of many little bonuses that Kindt has planned for the single issues only.  There are no actual ads whatsoever to break the flow of the story, which is why it costs a little more.

The artwork is nothing like what you find in the majority of mainstream comics these days.  It is, however, very similar to the work of Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, Essex County), with its use of water color and relaxed pencils and inks.  Kindt isn't concerned with the clean and realistic approach. Instead he settles in with a loose and daring style which is richly emotive and brings with it a fluidity that is soft on the eyes and a pleasure to look at.

Kindt has delivered a first issue packed with tons of promise. It's going to be exciting to see if he's able to deliver on that promise in the months to come.  At the back of the book he has a message to the readers which almost feels like Babe Ruth pointing to the fences and calling his shot.  Here's hoping he crushes it out of the park.

Story, Art & Cover - Matt Kindt

Alternate Cover - Gilbert Hernandez
Publisher - Dark Horse Comics
Price - $3.99






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Great review. Something tells me I should pick this one up. BTW welcome to CTG.