Future State Immortal Wonder Woman #2 Review

by Carlos R. on February 16, 2021

Future State Immortal Wonder Woman #2 Cover Graphic
“Immortal Wonder Woman in Future State”
Written by: Becky Cloonan & Michael W. Conrad
Art by: Jen Bartel
Lettered by: Pat Brosseau
Publisher: DC Comics

“Nubia in Future State”
Written by: L.L. McKinney
Penciled by: Alitha Martinez
Inked by: Mark Morales
Colored by: Emilio Lopez
Lettered by: Becca Carey
Publisher: DC Comics

Immortal Wonder Woman is such a fantastic series, there’s so much to love here, from Nubia’s phenomenal presence as Wonder Woman to Jen Bartel’s brilliant colors and artwork.

This issue is broken up into two halves featuring Diana and Nubia and continuing the events from the last chapter. I love the duality of the book and its themes of beginnings and endings. Cloonan and Conrad write Diana’s half as a sort of legend or myth, fitting for someone of Diana’s stature. Seeing Diana interact with fragments and memories of her former life is heart wrenching, but so hopeful as she continues to fight and champion for that spark of life. Having her isolated lends insight into her internal conflict and displays just how adamant her sense of hope is. McKinney’s set up to start Nubia on her journey is amazing. The air of mystery to Aunt Nancy, Oshun and Nubia’s role as Guardian, and the demonstration of Nubia’s ferocity all have me cheering for a new series featuring this iteration of Wonder Woman. McKinney also writes Nubia with her own voice and phrases that make her stand out from Diana. Though Yara, Diana, and Nubia all share that assertiveness that comes with being Wonder Woman and I love seeing Nubia take action after giving fair warning not to be underestimated.

Jen Bartel’s work on this title is astounding, and Pat Brosseau’s work compliments Bartel’s colors and designs so dang well. Everything is so harmonious, and Diana’s movements are easy to follow, especially with Bartel’s colors used as guides. Martinez, Lopez, Morales, and Carey offer Nubia an amazing starting point for her adventures. She comes off incredibly powerful and intelligent. The designs of the flashback scenes are great and have an easy to follow flow. The way each scene blends and choice in color palette help to bridge both stories.

If you’re a fan of Wonder Woman or phenomenal art, do yourself the kindness of picking this book up!

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