Future State Wonder Woman #1 Review

by Carlos R. on January 05, 2021

Future State Wonder Woman #1 Cover Image
Written and art by: Jöelle Jones
Colors by: Jordie Bellaire
Lettered by: Clayton Cowles
Publisher: DC Comics

Wonder Woman is the title in the Future State line I’ve most been looking forward to reading and it has delivered on all fronts. It’s a beautiful and engaging story, perfect for new readers and long-time fans.

Jones has created such an intriguing character in this iteration of Wonder Woman. Yora Flor comes off more grounded than Diana, more in touch with her humanity and her dialogue is just an absolute pleasure to read. There’s an air of arrogance to her, but also such a resolve as Yara Flor does not let anything stand between her and her end goal. Jones also establishes a great story with Yara on a mission to the underworld and the opening scenes to this issue is so amazing.

This book is beyond gorgeous. Jones, Bellaire, and Cowles have designed such a detailed and visually striking issue. I love Jones’ character designs; Cerberus and the creatures of the underworld are intimidating and hilarious with their bureaucratic system. Bellaire adds such vivid colors to this portion of the DC Universe and while the entire book is a visual treat, the opening pages and the scenes in the underworld are a marvel to behold.

The love the creative team has poured into this issue is immediately noticeable. Definitely pick it up to admire it yourselves and let us know in the comments what Future State book you’re most looking forward to reading!

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