The Devil's Red Bride #2 Review

by Carlos R. on November 18, 2020

The Devil's Red Bride #2 Cover Graphic

Written by: Sebastian Girner
Art by: John Bivens
Colors by: Iris Monahan
Lettered by: Jeff Powell
Publisher: Vault Comics

Alright this series is definitely ranking as one of my favorites of the year. This issue of The Devil’s Red Bride continues from where we left off and though their journey doesn’t progress much further, the ronin learn just what kind of carnage Ketsuko is capable of.

I am so looking forward to when this series is complete, because though we’re only two issues in, you can tell it’s one that deserves to be binged. The action is superb, I absolutely love how vibrant the reds come off on these pages. Bivens and Monahan are quite literally killing it in this issue. The story is even paced, and the flashbacks are smooth and blend nicely with the present action sequences. The character designs in this issue are phenomenal, from the Tengu shinobi clan to the Devil of War, they give us a hint of the fantastical element to the story and
Further develop this world.

I love the way Girner writes these characters, they have such distinct personalities and even those that are briefly on the page, speaking of which, I love the whole Aliens vibe to that scene. I’m glad Girner is fleshing out more of Ketsuko’s backstory in this issue, the jumps in time have a great flow and each scene builds nice and evenly on the story. While we don’t get much of this demon that plagues Ketsuko, Powell makes their presence known through the weight of its words. Seeing the red lettering on the page adds that extra bit of dread and uneasiness when seeing Ketsuko give in.

Girner has crafted one heck of a story and now that I’ve seen a bit more of the fantastic elements, I can’t wait for the next issue. I especially enjoyed the visuals this time around and look forward to seeing more of Ketsuko’s story.  

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