Power Rangers #1 Review

by Carlos R. on November 11, 2020

Power Rangers #1 Cover Graphic
Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire
Art by: Francesco Mortarino
Written by: Ryan Parrott
Colors by: Raúl Angulo
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Well now I’m torn on which of these two new Power Ranger series I’m most excited to follow. This title will follow the Omega Rangers and their companions on their journey to find a way to stop the Empyreals.

This is a great first issue but does benefit from a read of the previous series to gain insight on the terrifying power of the Empyreals. Parrott brings the Omega Rangers back to Angel Grove to re-establish the bonds between the trio with the Power Rangers. This helps to enforce the threat of the Empyreals through the desperate actions the Omega Rangers have to take. Parrott does great work with these characters, the scenes between Jason and Rocky were well executed and I’m glad they looked into Rocky’s internal conflict with his role on the team.

While this issue does have action sequences, it is heavy on developing the impending doom the Omega Rangers are feeling and Mortarino sells this through their expressions and the bursts of anxiety they exude in some panels. Angulo’s colors are so awesome! I love the laser effects in the action heavy sequences and the colors flowing from the Rangers’ movements. Dukeshire does a great job at highlighting certain effects and emphasizing each character’s voice. I love the slight similarity between Zordon and Jason’s outcry as a subtle similarity between both characters, especially considering the end to this issue.

It’s a wonderful time to be a fan of the Rangers, the future looks bright (from a reader’s perspective) for them and I can’t wait to further explore the dynamic between the Omega Rangers and their newest recruit.

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