The Devil's Red Bride #1 Review

by Carlos R. on October 15, 2020

The Devil's Red Bride #1 Cover Graphic
Written by: Sebastian Girner
Art by: John Bivens
Colors by: Iris Monahan
Lettered by: Jeff Powell
Publisher: Vault Comics

Have to tell y’all, this issue is incredible. Admittedly, I love watching and reading about samurai, so this book already had a leg up, but my expectations were blown out of the water by the last page.

This series takes place in 16th century Japan and follows Ketsuko after the destruction of her clan. It’s been years since the decimation of her clan and now Ketsuko has a chance at avenging the loss of her people, though the path ahead is soaked in blood.

Girner has developed one monster of a story. This first issue gives us a mere glimpse at the web being weaved and makes it near impossible not to want to come back for the next installment. The voices to these characters are modernized and easy to follow but layered with an authenticity to them, especially visible through interactions between different social classes. The structure to this story is executed really well, this issue gives an impression that the series will tackle past events and how they play into present circumstances. If this issue is any indication, Girner and their team are more than capable of handling the challenge of building and maintaining suspense and keeping the reader engaged.

Not only is the story expertly crafted story-wise, the art is phenomenal! Bivens and Monahan depict the horrific brutalities of war and are great at framing the violent scenes. The detail to everyone’s expressions is incredible and along with Powell’s letter designs help to the establish the personalities of each character.

This was a fantastic issue and if you’re a fan of samurai stories, this is definitely one you’re going to want to pick up.

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