Power Rangers Ranger Slayer #1 Review

by Carlos R. on July 22, 2020

Power Rangers Ranger Slayer #1 Cover Image
Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire
Art by: Dan Mora
Written by: Ryan Parrott
Colors by: Raúl Angulo
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

If you’ve been curious about the current Power Rangers series from BOOM! Studios, but have passed on reading it because you think to yourself, “how different from the show could it be?” Then now is the time to jump into this series. Power Rangers Ranger Slayer #1 is one heck of a read and blends the tried and true formula of the show with elements of what’s made this series such a great read.

This story finds Kimberly, Ranger Slayer and Pink Ranger, returned once again to the world of the Coinless and things are not what she expected. New and familiar threats have emerged and though she’s reformed her ways, her world still acknowledges the villain she once was.   

Wow! This story is packed! I know it’s a steep price point, but Ryan Parrott makes this issue worth every penny. Parrott fleshes out a story fitting of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, there’s a charming amount of “Hart” (pun fully intended) to this tale. And while referencing much of what’s come before in this series, especially pertaining to the Shattered Grid arc, this issue is a great jumping on point for new readers. The title of the book might say Ranger Slayer, but so many other characters from the Coinless Universe get to shine here and there’s some great and unexpected team ups that work really well.

And while this story is jam-packed and oversized, Dan Mora and team make the most of each panel. The visuals are fluid and while there’s a ton of action going on, readers need not fear of getting lost in the chaos. The world of the Coinless has definitely changed since Kimberly last saw it and Mora and Angulo definitely get that across with the brighter tones and approach to how sentries and guards are drawn, less menacing and more human. On the other end of that character spectrum, Ed Dukeshire’s lettering highlights the savagery of the threats Kimberly and the Coinless face in this issue.

I cannot stress how wonderful of a story this is, for established fans of the series and newcomers alike. Elements of what made the TV series such a joy to watch and what makes the BOOM! Comics so relatable run deep in the veins of this story, if you’re a fan of the Power Rangers in any form you NEED to pick this issue up.

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