Justice League Dark #22 Review

by Carlos R. on June 02, 2020

Justice League Dark #22 Cover Image
Written by: Ram V and James Tynion IV

Art by: Alvaro Martínez Bueno and Amancay Nahuelpan

Inked by: Raul Fernandez and Amancay Nahuelpan

Colors by: June Chung

Lettered by: Rob Leigh

Publisher: DC Comics 

After the first action-packed chapters of this arc, issue #22 of Justice League Dark slows the pace to boil the tension and draw the pieces together for the conclusion of “The Parliaments of Life”.

The story opens with insight into one of the histories of The Parliaments of Life. We find Doctor Fate tracking the Parliaments to plead for their aid. Doctor Fate’s pleas frame the rest of the narrative as we track Animal Man on his quest to save himself from within himself and follow Zatanna and John scour Abigail’s mind to save her from the Rot. Though Doctor Fate pleads, it appears his cries fall on deaf ears.

This series continues to be as wonderfully horrific and beautiful as always. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Ram V and James Tynion IV work so well with managing their cast and weaving their storylines through this arc. This chapter slows in pacing compared to the previous issues but doesn’t jar the flow of the arc. This shift works in its favor to raise the stakes and gives the impression of a roller coaster at its peak, teetering on the edge before falling. Doctor Fate gets more time on the pages this issue and his journey to find and interactions with the Parliaments of Life showcase his wisdom and thoughtfulness to handle the matters at hand.

Justice League Dark has been a series that has utilized every panel of each page in fascinating ways. Issue #22 raises the bar. From the warped, claustrophobic panels of decay surrounding Abby and John to Zatanna’s magic flowing and creating the panels of the page this issue is eye candy. Not to mention there’s a wardrobe change in this issue and I must say it’s such a rad look. The coloring adds so much to the atmosphere of the book and underscores each character. I love the prominence and diversity of the settings in this series. One of the many highlights to this issue has to be the splash pages, they are mesmerizing and utilized perfectly for the characters spotlighted.

It was well worth the wait to finally have the chance to read this issue. The arc, and series, continues to be a visual and narrative treat. The issue draws to a close on a high note and I am stoked to see how “The Parliaments of Life” will conclude.

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