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The Mighty Captain Marvel #3

by Because Speed Force on March 29, 2017

Writer: Margaret Stohl

Artist: Ramon Rosanas

Colorist: Michael Garland & Marcio Menyz

Publisher: Marvel Comics




It's been an interesting year for one Ms. Carol Danvers. After taking center stage in a much maligned Civil War II where Marvel essentially committed character assassination, the current Captain Marvel followed up with another new series, The Mighty Captain Marvel. The series has been off to a pretty decent start so far, with a central story of Kree children being hunted, and a hilarious side plot regarding a Captain Marvel TV show.


Issue #3 deals mostly with two main plot points: 1) Carol is trying to figure out why her powers go all wonky whenever she is around Bean, her young Kree refugee, and 2) a rather touching “reunion” of sorts between her and Tony Stark (albeit an AI construct, not the real deal). He's not the real thing, but Carol is still feeling guilty over the events of Civil War II, and basically opens herself up to Tai (Tony A.I.).


I have been enjoying the art for the series so far, and think that Rosanas has done a fantastic job with the book. David Marquez has my vote as my favorite Carol design, but Rosanas more than steps up to the post Civil War II task. The ice planet in the beginning of the issue looks fantastic, and the bar mitzvah brawl was well illustrated as well. Carol's face seems to lack a bit of attention for some of the more faraway shots, but I'm focusing on the action anyway so it's not too jarring.


Next issue sees the completion of the Alien Nation arc. I'm looking forward to seeing how Carol deals with her child “allergy” and am hoping there will be some sort of hint towards the resolution between Carol and Tony Stark.

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