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Titans Annual #1

by Because Speed Force on March 29, 2017

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Minkyu Jung

Colorist: Adriano Lucas

Publisher: DC Comics


I love annuals. I love taking a breather from whatever the current arc is in the monthly book and enjoying what's essentially a one shot. The longer format helps as well since one of my biggest complaints about comic books as a whole is how short each issue is. I need my instant gratification now, dammit!


Titans Annual brings us a story that puts them together with their mentors, the Justice League. Select members of both teams are trapped in an inescapable room where paranoia between the heroes runs high. No one knows why they are in that room, or if these are even the real versions of their friends, and cracks soon begin to show.


The dynamic between the two distinct teams is wonderful to see, with the Titans presenting more as actual friends rather than simply colleagues like the Justice League. In fact, the meaning behind friendship is one of the central themes in this issue. Each mentor/protege duo has their own distinct moments, with the Flashes being my favorite of the bunch.  The villain for this issue isn't some huge, galaxy breaking entity like Darkseid, but rather one that can force the Justice League and Titans to do battle with each other instead some other external threat.


Brett Booth takes a backseat on this issue, as the art is by Minkyu Jung. Jung does an admirable job with the art, as everyone looks bright and colorful and pops off the page, but the line work isn't as sharp as Booth's. It's just that I had gotten used to Booth's style and am probably one of the few people that have no issues with his work. However, that's not to say that I didn't enjoy Jung's work; I did.


The only thing remaining now is who the heck is that behind the door? I suppose we'll find out in the next issue!

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